Callie Crossley Rules. Period.

220px-Callie_CrossleyFriday marked the fourth time I was fortunate enough to meet WGBH’s Callie Crossley. I taped a segment for her show Under the Radar with My Life, My Choice Associate Director Audrey Morrissey about commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Ms. Crossley’s show was the perfect place to discuss CSEC since sexually exploited children are often invisible — literally, under the radar — of our public consciousness. We think CSEC happens “over there” in Third World Countries. Not so, and Ms. Crossley helped us raise awareness that CSEC not only happens, but is thriving in America.

The first two times I met Ms. Crossley I basically stopped her “on the street” — at the Simmons College cafe while I was on my way to class and then in my favorite women’s clothing store (she was beyond generous, BTW). Thankfully, the third time was for work. She moderated a panel we organized on the movie “The Help.” Each time I walked away more impressed with the woman I admired on WGBH.

So fourth time’s a charm. Appearing on Under the Radar did not disappoint. During the interview I had one of the moments of “Whoa…I did it…I am on Callie Crossley’s show.” So thank you, Ms. Crossley (and producer Abbie Ruzicka) for the opportunity. The pleasure was all mine.

Listen to the show: Survivor-led Program Aims to Curb Child Sex Trafficking




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