Kind Words

GirlsspeakingoutGiving lectures and telling my story publicly has quickly become my favorite part of speaking out against sexual violence and human trafficking. Inevitably, every time I give a presentation at least one person – if not more – discloses to me they, too, are a survivor. Someone placing that much trust in me is always profound, and I am always honored to be the recipient of such information. Many times the person has never told anyone else.

Ending this isolation and silence is exactly why I speak out. I love how sharing my story provides an opening for others to do the same. Suffering alone is not necessary, even though speaking the reality of violence aloud can be terrifying. Once the words are out of your mouth, you can no longer put them back in. Speaking up takes courage. I also learned multiple people sought services and counseling they day after I spoke at a recent Take Back the Night Rally. I am grateful to be a part of each person’s journey to healing.

I am spending this winter break from work and school to prepare for a busy 2015 speaking schedule. Some events are public, while others are private. Details about my current two public dates are listed below. Check here for schedule updates, as I am currently solidifying details for additional 2015 engagements.

Right Turn Radio, award-winning substance abuse and addiction talk show on WRKO 680AM Boston, Sunday, 2/8/15, 6-7pm EST. More info:

Collapsing This Hushed House: My Escape from Child Sexual Exploitation, Dover Public Library, 2/9/15, 7-8pm

Finding Answers: A Journey Toward Truth and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, Welllesley Centers for Women, Lunchtime Seminar Series, with The Boston Globe Editor Janelle Nanos, 4/2/15, 12:30-1:30pm

Finally, here are endorsements from two of my most recent speaking engagements. I was grateful to present to their communities and look forward to speaking in 2015.

“Kate brings a warmth with her to presentations that is rare in speakers.  She is a driven, well-spoken researcher and advocate for victims and survivors, but she is able to connect with audiences of varying awareness levels.  Kate is a powerful voice for exploitation awareness and I commend her for her ability to empower individuals to be a part of the solution, versus a bystander turning a blind-eye.We are grateful for the 300+ lives she impacted as our keynote speaker at UTC’s Take Back the Night 2014.” – Cassandra Nice, Assistant Director, Women’s Center, University of Tennessee Chattanooga

“Kate Price had a fascinating story to tell and her sheer instinct to survive and thrive was evident in her story and her life today.  Our students, staff and community members really felt comfortable with Kate as she was very willing to share her story and answer any questions that they had.  Kate was a great speaker and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a thought provoking lecture.” – Kristie McNamara, Associate Director, Student Activities, Worcester State University


‘These Go to Eleven’

SOC600One semester of coursework down, five to go. I completed my first class toward my Ph.D. earlier this week. I am beyond proud of myself, as well as our entire family. Fall is already a busy enough time for our family since my hubs covers the Pats. So my heading to UMass once or twice a week kicked the intensity up a few notches (this family goes to 11).

In addition, we have been running a very successful GoFundMe campaign to supplement our income now that I am working less as I go to school. I am grateful and proud this fundraising (and awareness raising) has become a family affair.  My husband,’s Christopher Price, has led a pack of sportswriters and commentators who have stepped up BIG time to donate, publicize, tweet, retweet, and write about my story and campaign. This support from the football world is particularly poignant and meaningful given the domestic violence and child abuse cases within the NFL this fall.

Finally, I want give a huge shout out to my classmates and professor from this semester (pictured above). This photo was taken as we were saying our goodbyes within the final moments of class. Unfortunately one classmate is not in the pic because he was sick, and our professor was taking the photo (our class ended at 9:30pm, so no one else was around to play photographer). Gratefully, most of my classmates will be in my spring semester class, and everyone else will be around campus. We definitely bonded this fall.

I don’t go back to school again until the end of January, which is a huge relief for me and my family. However, not surprising, my “to do” list for the next month is growing. Now that I am entering the world of grant-funded research, I need to write funding proposals during the time off — not to mention the blog posts and columns I intend to write. These tasks are a teeny bit daunting, especially since my brain is so cooked right now. That said, I am grateful for this well-earned break and for the chance to incorporate all that I learned this semester into my writing. I am truly living my dream. Be well.


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