Foster Children and “Deflategate”

fosterfootballI was stopped in my tracks by this post by a friend on Facebook the other day. This one photo sums up our family’s life in so many ways. As I have written here before, we adopted our son from foster care AND my husband is a football writer who covers the Patriots. Our lives have, literally, been turned upside down the last two weeks because of “Deflategate.”

I would truly love to think of what the world would look like if people had such an intense response to the fact that more than 400,000 children are currently living in foster care in the United States: enough children to fill this year’s Super Bowl stadium six times. I also think of what we could accomplish for children if our  child protective service agencies had even a fraction of the $4 million it costs to run each Super Bowl ad.

Please don’t take this as a charge to not enjoy this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Our family’s life, literally, revolves around football season and the Patriots’ every single move (including Tom Brady’s current case of the sniffles). I am beyond thrilled my husband is currently out in Arizona and having a wonderful (albeit exhausting) time covering this much-anticipated game.

What I do hope, though, is that we will place this game, yes game, into perspective and remember we invest our money in our priorities. Yes, enjoy the game, the food, and time with friends this Sunday, but please also remember the more than 400,000 reasons to keep accusations of deflated balls in check.


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