For Mother’s Day…and every day

122_2This quote, more than any other, sums up my intention in life. Yes, I live in a gorgeous neighborhood and I drive a reliable car. However, I do not work to support those things. My passion in life is to make and take a stand for children. The very fact that I can fulfill that very dream AND live in a gorgeous neighborhood and drive a reliable car is a blessing that I acknowledge every day.

That said, why we have to often need to “choose” to either do work that make the difference children’s lives or make a decent wage is testament to my experience of how we do not value children’s lives and safety in our culture. Day care workers and teachers are some of the lowest paid jobs in a world where our sports and entertainment idols make millions. I know this comparison is often made; however, giving voice to that reality must be said often. Otherwise, we may lose sight of what our culture puts forth as priorities.

Thankfully, we do have this day to celebrate all Mothers do in this world and all we stand for. Yes, I am an activist, an advocate, and a scholar. But, first and foremost, I am mother, and for that I am most grateful.


Support a Trafficking Survivor’s Dream


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