balance, please

yinyangHappy New Year, everyone. The holiday season has given me a brief window to get my head above water, at least for a little bit, until classes resume at the end of January.

I am thrilled to report my semester went swimmingly…with a few bumps…some larger than others, which is certainly to be expected during a Ph.D. program. My fellow students are inspiring and my professors are engaged and caring. In just one semester I have learned more than I had hoped to garner for the entire duration of my degree.

The highlight was definitely creating my own dataset for statistics. My interest is to study what factors are associated with passing strong legislation to protect vulnerable children from commercial sexual exploitation. Little statistical work exists on this topic, so I am thrilled to be breaking this ground. Stay tuned for a blog post on this work soon…

For now…in this brief moment of rest…I am focused on balance. Reconnecting with my family and spending lazy days reading with my son. Being a mother is my favorite thing in the universe, and I have missed having family dinners almost every night and just hanging out together.

That said, I have also missed writing on this blog. I am grateful people find my insights about CSEC, trauma, and life in general helpful. While I am a bit of a Luddite, I love the opportunity to write out my thoughts and experiences through the lens of someone who as been through a lot.

I hope this finds everyone well. Stay cozy in the warm and thank you for being you.


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