News & Opinion

Feministing Five: Survivor and Advocate Kate Price, Feministing, 3/19/18

Our Sex Trafficking Laws Hurt Sexually Exploited Girls , Ms. Magazine blog, 1/11/2018

‘No One Intervened’: A Sex Trafficking Survivor Says U.S. Must Do Better For Its Children , WBUR’s Cognoscenti, 8/16/16

BBC World Service Personal Interview  (starts 7:50 minute mark), 5/17/16

Education is Freedom, Sun Gate Foundation website, 10/7/15

A Call to See, Sermon for Hidden in Plain Sight service, First Parish Unitarian Universalist church, Brewster, MA, 7/12/15

Sex Trafficking Survivor Kate Price ’94, Lesley University homepage, 6/9/2015

Finding Answers: A Journey toward Truth and Healing from Child Sexual Exploitation, with Boston Globe reporter Janelle Nanos, Wellesley Centers for Women Lunchtime Seminar, 4/2/15

Human Trafficking (audio/podcast), WRKO 680AM’s Right Turn Radio, 3/26/15

Fund a Ph.D. Save a Child. And Honor a Survivor, Wellesley/Weston Magazine, Winter 2015.

“We’ve gone through everything we’ve gone through alone”: A human trafficking survivor speaks out, interview by Jenny Kutner, 11/30/14

Wellesley Resident Has Story Go National, Hometown Weekly, 11/12/14

See the Girl Summit in Downtown Jacksonville Addresses Child Sex Trafficking, The Florida Times-Union, 10/24/14

The Back Story, Chattanooga Times Free Press, 10/12/14

The Quaz: Kate Price, Interview by New York Times best-selling author, Jeff Pearlman, 10/7/14

Survivor-led Program Aims to Curb Child Sex Trafficking, WGBH’s Under the Radar with Callie Crossley, 10/5/14

Trafficking and Patriarchy, Women = Books, Women’s Review of Books blog, 9/14

Wellesley Resident Seeking Crowdfunding to Help Earn Ph.D., Wellesley Townsman, 9/4/14

Wellesley Resident Crowdfunding Ph.D., Hometown Weekly, 9/4/14

Survivor Shares Concerns About Exploitation of Children, Fox 25 Morning News Boston, 8/13/14

Combating Human Trafficking Through the Eyes of the Survivor, Protecting Survivors: Mental Health Considerations and Ensuring Social Services Meet the Unique Needs of Human Trafficking Survivors panels (audio files), University of New Hampshire Law School, 3/28/14

Dispelling “Violence Against Women and Children” Myths in Human Trafficking, Women Change Worlds blog, 1/24/14

Elaine’s Story, The Daily Beast, 9/7/13

Children’s Rights Are Human Rights, Women Change World blog, 6/4/13

Truckers Against Trafficking advocacy, Dave Nemo Show, Sirius XM Road Dog Trucking Channel, 6/12

Longing to Belong: Relational Risks and Resilience of U.S. Commercially Exploited Children, Wellesley Centers for Women Lunchtime Seminar lecture, 5/12/12 (audio file)

“A Survivor Explains the Vulnerability of Child Sex Trafficking Victims,” Washington Times article by Holly Austin Smith, 4/8/12

Putting Children First – “Innocence” in Childhood & the Risk for Child Commercial Sexual Exploitation in the U.S., Wellesley Centers for Women Research & Action Report, Fall/Winter 2012


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