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My name is Kate Price and I am a research scientist, an advocate for children’s rights, and a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation as a child, specifically child sex trafficking.

In my early childhood and throughout my adolescence, an immediate family member sold me for sex in order to support his drug addiction. He sold me to men at truck stops, at parties, and within my own home. My family repeated intergenerational cycles of addiction, mental illness, poverty, and violence. I survived that upbringing through education, determination, and the encouragement of a few supportive adults and friends. Academic achievement was not only my solace growing up, but was also my ticket away from my family. I traveled the world while getting my Bachelor’s Degree and then settled in Boston to obtain my Master’s Degree. I was finally free.

Survivors of various forms of human trafficking and child exploitation often come from broken homes, from dysfunctional families, and/or from poverty or other situations in which they lack the support and resources to overcome and move forward. I encourage foundations, advocacy organizations, and community members alike to come together to help survivors achieve their dreams and greatest potential. It is my dream to receive a Ph.D. Degree in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Boston where I can continue my current research on the prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC).

I strongly believe that CSEC is a continuation of violence. Children are often lured into prostitution or other commercial sex work by another person and that person (i.e. that exploiter) often has a history of interpersonal violence, particularly child sexual abuse and systemic violence in poverty. This belief would be the cornerstone of my Ph.D. study and thesis, which would include the first long-term evaluation of a survivor-based mentor initiative involving female survivors of CSEC. The recent Department of Justice Report, Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States, urges the evaluation of survivor-led approaches to establish evidence-based practice.

With your help, I can lead the way for such research. I’m hoping to raise $30,000. I sincerely appreciate any amount of support you can offer in helping me realize my dreams, and in helping to forward much-needed research in the study of CSEC. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. – Kate Price

Professional Endorsements:

We all need Kate Price to take her knowledge, experience, and passion to the next level and get this PhD. As a strong survivor advocate, she is already making such an impact. Imagine all she can do for the field with her doctorate?! Join me in supporting her while she takes this next leap forward. – Lisa Goldblatt Grace, director and co-founder of My Life, My Choice, a leading CSEC prevention and intervention program

While conducting research for my book, I collaborated with many survivors of commercial sexual exploitation as a child. While they had been through hell as children, they emerged as brave men and women using their past victimization to help prevent child exploitation and protect victims. Kate Price was among these survivors, and her insight was and continues to be invaluable. Please support my friend and colleague as her research will benefit generations to come. – Holly Austin Smith, Author of Walking Prey: How America’s Youth Are Vulnerable to Sex Slavery

Professional Affiliations:
End Child Prostitution and Trafficking-USA (ECPAT-USA, Adisory Board Member
Truckers Against Trafficking, Advisory Board Member

Professional Publications:
book chapter “Collapsing This Hushed House: Deconstructing Images of Child Prostitution in the United States,” in the textbook Global Perspectives on Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: Europe, Latin America, North America, and Global and working paper Longing to Belong: Relational Risks and Resilience of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children in the U.S. published by Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College.

Professional Speaking Engagements:
National Women’s Studies Association, Annual Conference
Georgetown University Law School
Worcester State University
University of New Hampshire School of Law

To request Kate Price as a speaker, please contact: MacRae Speakers & Entertainment

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